"Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are"

(Jean Anthem Brillat-Savarin)

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Jakimm Orchard Cherries
Jakimm Orchard is nestled at the base of Ritchies Gully in the heart of New Zealand's cherry growing capital, Cromwell, Central Otago.
Cromwell is an easy 45 minutes drive to one of the worlds top tourist attractions, Queenstown, where tourists and locals alike enjoy the vast, rugged but picturesque scenery and have endless opportunities to participate in one of the worlds best adventure tourism playgrounds.
Jakimm Orchard enjoys producing a high quality cherry for both the local and export markets.

The Ultimate Cherry

To grow the ultimate cherry, the seasonal changes play a very important part. We go from extremely hot and dry summers where the lands are scorched, to harsh, cold winters where the surrounding mountains get laden with snow.
Our operation currently has around 20HA of cherries planted, where 11 different varieties play seperate roles in delivering exactly what our clients require. The cherries grown at Jakimm get marketed under different labels.
"Jakimm Naturally Pure Cherries", where it all began.
"Timeness Distinction", the highest quality and largest fruit for export.
"Heartland & Ritchies Gully", our affordable quality line, all of which get picked and packed by our valued staff over the December/January periods each year.
Jakimm Ultimate Cherries
Jakimm Orchard Cherries